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Who Am I



Photo Credit: @Alessior

About Me

Hello there, My name is Trevor Maingi, known as The_Mentalyst. I 'm born and raised in Nairobi. Who am I? Well I never seem to have a solid answer to that but in a nutshell, I love to think of myself as a Visual orator and Photography is my voice in this confusing universe.

Photography has never been my thing, well at least not until late 2014 around November where I started out as a mobile photographer. Fast forward to now where I’m always trying out new things and trying to stay away from the comfort zone. It’s been a walk across a lego path but an interesting journey.

Constantly seeking new adventure plus the blending of lifestyle type photography, My work focuses on travel, Landscapes, and Lifestyle. I engage in videography as well whether, capturing the moments in all their glory.

Photography has been a blessing to me and my way of giving back is sharing my stories visually.

Having worked with Brands Such as Airbnb, Huawei Technologies, OPPO Mobile, Greenspace, Samsung & Guinness Africa. I am Always looking for people to collaborate with.

Don't be shy.